All of our pork products are primarily grass fed, locally butchered by a USDA certified butcher, and vacuum sealed.
Pre-Order your pork now to be on the list for our next available scheduled butcher date in October. Choosing this option gets the best value for the consumer by cutting out the cost of USDA labeled packaging. Also, it gives you the ability to choose all of your favorite cuts of pork and get it packaged the way you choose.
Bulk orders are sold at hanging weight, prior to bone removal. Price per pound includes processing, packaging, and transportation to and from the butcher, from Deer Run Acres LLC.
1 Whole Pig - $5.00 per pound at approximately 180lbs hanging weight
Bulk orders consist of a mix of assorted roasts, hams, chops, sausage, bacon, and ribs.  Weights are approximate until final weight is given at butcher.
Special requests can be made at an additional cost depending on request.
All orders require pre-order and a $150.00 deposit per 1/2 Pig or $300.00 per 1 Whole Pig
 Upon ordering and paying the $300 deposit, you will be emailed an Order Form.  Complete the order form with your desired cuts and packaging options. 
You may submit your completed order form via phone by calling Deer Run Acres at 716.581.2069
Email Deer Run Acres at
All meat must be paid for and picked up at Deer Run Acres within 7 days of order fulfillment.  Your deposit will be subtracted from your order total, which is determined on the day of processing.
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