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Dexter Cattle

Our herd is:

  • Pasture-raised 

  • Grass fed

  • Grass finished

  • Never fed antibiotics or hormones

Through management intensive grazing following principles of regenerative agriculture, our herd is filled with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats.  In turn, our meats are packed full of healthful nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats. This allows our herd to stay healthy without the use of antibiotics, hormones or medications, and results in beef products with a rich flavor.  

Find the majestic horned Dexter Cattle grazing the pastures of Deer Run Acres. Originating from southern Ireland, Dexter cattle were bred to be small in size, docile, natural grazers, excellent mothers, and adaptable to changing climates.  At Deer Run Acres we chose the Dexter Cattle breed because of their docile temperament, compact size and ability to be finished on a 100% grass fed diet. We work to perfect the flavor and marbling in our meats by using management intensive grazing.

With the ability to adapt to changing climate and bred to instinctively graze, our Dexter herd is fed on pasture, using management intensive grazing.  Management intensive grazing creates a nutritious and sustainable cycle, mimicking the most natural life style of a wild herd. The foundation of this process emerges from the concept of containment and rotation.


Our pastures are portioned off, and the herd is moved to a new pasture multiple times each day. Through containment, the herd is able to graze and consume all the nutrients the different grasses provide, stomp the undesirable weeds and grasses, fertilize the pasture with manure, and stimulate the process of decomposition and growth. As the herd is moved through the pastures, they are able to recover and rejuvenate with thick nutritious grass and herbs. This continuous and sustainable cycle allows our herd access to the best nutrition throughout most of the seasons. In heavy winters, our herd is fed nourishing hay from local land. 


We pride ourselves on providing a 100% grass fed product. This means our entire herd is raised, sustained, and finished on grass.  Our cows and bulls live long healthy lives.  Our steers are naturally raised all the way until they reach a healthy weight for butcher. To maintain the integrity of the health and flavor of our meat, we do not supplement or finish with any other food sources or hormones.  As the herd is free to graze and kept outside, stress is low, health is abundant, and growth is natural.


At Deer Run Acre’s, the cows are naturally bred by a hand selected, genetically tested, and healthy bull.  Natural docile behaviors and maternal instincts allow our calves to bond with their mothers.  Our calves are kept in the herd, with their mothers, until they are naturally weened.


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