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Our Family Farm

We purchased our home and land with the intent to find a comfortable home in the country to raise our family.  However, a seed was planted and grew into a passion and joy for raising and sharing meat products that are healthful and flavorful.


With the desire to provide our family with healthful raw cow’s milk and meat, we made the decision to purchase one Dexter heifer, Zoey. We were quickly reminded of an animal’s desire for companionship, when Zoey jumped the fence and took a three week hiatus at the neighbor’s farm!  Before Zoey’s return, we purchased Treasa and her calf Hank.  It was then, our vision and passion for raising grass fed livestock and providing healthful and flavorful meat products to the local area began.  Since then, we have grown our Dexter herd considerably, added Idaho Pasture Pigs and Free Range Egg Chickens to our farm.


Our roots run deep in local family farming. Our farm is named Deer Run Acres in honor of Henry Zimmer, grandfather, local generational dairy farmer, and developer of Deer Run subdivision, in McKean, Pa.   


Our passion and excitement for our farm is fed by our faith in Christ and His truth that He alone is capable of providing far more than we could ever imagine.  Our desire is to build a legacy of caring for people through pursuing relationships with the community, connecting people to a natural food supply, and creating an understanding of the sustainable health, economic and environmental benefits of local regenerative farming.  

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