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Pasture Raised Laying Hens

At Deer Run Acres our animals and land are our main priority, which is why 9 months out of the year our laying hens are moved onto fresh pasture frequently with a mobile chicken coop. During the winter months their coop is parked on a deep bed of wood chips for comfort, cleanliness, and warmth. Year round they have access to fresh air, grass, bugs, and room to roam! Moving the chickens enables their manure to fertilize the ground where they have been, and ultimately creates healthier pasture for our other animals to graze while creating the healthiest and best tasting eggs available! The mobile coop offers a safe space for the chickens to rest, and for us to be able to easily access their nesting boxes without stressing out the hens.

Not only are our eggs delicious, but they are also healthier than commercial eggs. Pasture-raised eggs like ours contain twice as much omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E than commercial alternatives. A dozen pasture raised eggs costs $4.50, with the ability to have them delivered bi-weekly or monthly within 25 miles of our farm.

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