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Deer Run Acres, Erie Pennsylvania

Welcome to Deer Run Acres, a family farm in Edinboro, PA. 

We raise all natural meats: 100% grass fed beef and pasture-raised pork.  Our mission is to produce the healthiest meats for our customers using regenerative farming methods.

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6823 Old State Rd, Edinboro, PA 16412   |   716-581-2069  |


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Deer Run Acres

6823 Old State Rd, Edinboro, PA 16412   |   716-581-2069  |

grass fed beef, Edinboro PA, Irish Dexter Cattle

Our cattle are raised on open pasture and fed only grass and hay (No antibiotics or hormones). We believe that animals that consume diets they were biologically intended to eat and roam freely outdoors are happier, healthier, and result in better tasting, healthy meat.

Our pigs live in the pasture at all times (except bad weather) and are fed healthy diets of grass, hay, grass silage, and local grains. We use no antibiotics or growth hormones. Pasture raised pork is the most flavorful and nutritious pork you can buy!

Pasure Raised Pork, Erie Pennsylvania, Idaho Pasture Pig

Our Hens have FULL access to the outdoors 365 days a year. They are rotated on pasture in their mobile "Egg Mobile" over 9 months out of the year. Our chickens eat grass, bugs, worms, and all sorts of other nutritious and "found in nature" food sources. Truly pasture raised eggs are significantly higher in vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids!

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