2 Chicken, Beef, and Egg Bundle
Feed your family the best and support Local, Regenerative Agriculture farms in the process. We have partnered with Copleys Fresh Start Farm in Waterford PA to bring this assortment package to our customers. The Chicken is beyond organic and 100% pasture raised. These birds scratch in the dirt, eat bugs, worms, and a 100% organic feed mixture. The beef is our own 100% grass fed, beyond organic, pasture raised beef. The eggs are from our bug, worm, and grass eating laying hens. This assortment package of local food is good for your health, your local economy, and for the environment!
Included in the package are the following:
- 2 Whole Chickens
- 1 lb steaks
- 3 lb ground beef
- 1 package of burger patties or beef snack sticks
- 1 Dozen Eggs
Also available at pickup are the following addons at a discount!
- Sweet or Hot Italian sausage rolls from our  grass fed pigs. $8.49/lb (normal $8.99)
- Beef Roasts (Chuck, Rump, Round, Etc) $8.49/lb (normal $8.99)

2 Chicken, Beef, and Egg Bundle


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