Pasture Raised Pork

Grazing the pastures of Deer Run Acres are Idaho Pasture Pigs.  Idaho Pasture Pigs were bred from the Kune Kune, Duroc and Old Berkshire breeds. They were developed to be true grass grazing pigs. We chose the Idaho Pasture Pig breed because of their gentle nature, compact size, adaptability to changing weather, and ability to grow on a diet of nearly 100% grass.  Through management intensive grazing, we work to perfect a rich, nutrient dense marbled meat product.


With management intensive grazing, dedicated areas of our pastures are portioned off, allowing us to move our pigs to new pasture each day.  This allows our pigs to have access to new nutritious grasses and herbs regularly, while providing time for the other pastures to begin regrowth and rejuvenation.  This grows the soil on our farm and benefits the farm ecosystem.  Since the Idaho Pasture Pig is bred to primarily eat grass and adapts to changing climate, management intensive grazing is ideal to naturally grow the pigs to a healthy butcher weight on a nearly 100% grass fed diet.  Throughout most of the year, you will find our pigs grazing the grasses of the pastures. In order to maintain optimal health, our pigs are fed a small amount of grain with minerals every few days.  Throughout heavy winters, our pigs are fed grass silage made from grasses grown on our land.  No other food sources or hormones are used.  Our boars and sows live long healthy lives and naturally breed healthy piglets.  A grass fed diet allows our pigs to grow naturally and full of nutrition in 12-15 months or until about 200-250 pounds, providing a rich red marbled meat product.


At Deer Run Acres our sows are naturally bred by a hand selected, and healthy boar. The gentle nature of the Idaho Pasture Pigs allows the piglets to bond with the mothers until they are weaned at about 8 weeks. At that time, the piglets are introduced to a primarily grass fed diet using management intensive grazing. As the pigs are free to graze and kept primarily outside, stress is low, health is abundant, and growth is natural.


Pasture raised, primary grass fed pigs provide the most nutritious pork meat products.  Pigs raised on pasture have more vitamin D, selenium (a vital antioxidant), significantly more vitamin E, and more healthful fatty acids, than pigs raised on grains and other food sources. In turn, our meats are packed full of nutrients, vitamins and healthy fats.